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Welcome to Exhaust Notes Australia, your destination point for the latest automotive news and reviews, on two wheels and four, as well as features and opinions.

Way back in February 2012 we messed about with some WordPress templates and threw some random articles on it to test it out (coincidentally they were about car stuff). By October of that year, Exhaust Notes Australia was born, in a very basic format.

Fast forward to late August 2014 (and some 20 or so articles later), and we were taking the website offline for six weeks to give it a complete overhaul. In that six week period, we made a decision to take this website forward and make it a serious going concern.

On 2 October 2014, it arose from the ashes, and became what you see here today – a heady, exciting place to get automotive and motor sport news, reviews, and lots of opinion pieces, along with stories from special guest bloggers – including industry heavyweights, celebrities, and sometimes even race drivers themselves.

More than that, this website now attracts more than 2.5 million visitors every year (as at December 2017), creating a large community of car and bike fans, and making it a leading media outlet for the automotive industry.

So while you’re here, look around, you will find a range of articles across five key areas:

  • Auto Reviews (real road tests, from our experienced driving team)
  • Motoring (the latest motoring news)
  • Motor Sport (all things motor sport)
  • On Two Wheels (all things motorbikes)
  • Ride Reviews (real ride tests, from our experienced riding team)

We hope you will get involved and comment on stories, share your experiences, and add your own opinions (be it here or on our many social media outlets), because it’s as much about you as it is about those who pen the words you read here.

For us, our mission is simple – we’ll bring you the latest motoring and motor sport news from around the globe – and we’ll have some fun doing it – because nobody said we had to be serious all the time.

So go on… set your wheels in motion.

Mark Holgate
Managing Editor
Exhaust Notes Australia