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Cops partner with BMW

2018 BMW 530d Victoria Police Highway Patrol

IF you plan to try and get away from the constabulary in Victoria, you better think again, with BMW set to supply as many as 80 special edition 2018 530d sedans to the Victorian Police for use as highway patrol cars.

The arrangement sees Victoria Police committing to stock up its fleet by the end of next year with the new turbo charged performance diesel, following in the footsteps of a multitude of European police forces, in using the vehicle for heavy duty operations.

“Lauded by media and customers alike for its combination of performance, safety and efficiency, the new BMW 5 Series range is a natural fit for police duty,” BMW Group Australia CEO Marc Werner said.

The vehicles will be supplied in an entry-level specification, eschewing some of the higher-end luxuries found on the regular production model in favour of a factory-fitted ‘police pack’.

The first BMW 530d Victoria Police Highway Patrol vehicles are expected to be operational by early-2018.


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