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Auto Review: 2018 Haval H9 Ultra

SO all your friends go four wheel driving, all the time, and every other day, they're hassling you to get into the off road...

Auto Review: 2018 Haval H2 Premium (2WD)

FOR thousands of years, China has been producing 'great things'; the Great Wall and a host of cultural and architectural marvels among them. Now,...

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Auto Review: 2016 Triton GLS Double Cab 4×4

TO say Mitsubishi has some tough competition in the 4x4 market space is an understatement of mammoth proportions, with the dominant VW Amarok and...

Auto Review: 2016 Lexus GS F

FROM the Mark Levinson sound system and orange brake calipers to the thundering 351kW V8 engine and rear wheel drive setup this car is...