Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Making the McLaren masterpiece

DIRECTOR Roger Donaldson had the weight of the automotive and motor sport world on his shoulders when he took on his recent McLaren movie...

Film Review: McLaren

THERE are few films that properly portray motor sport in its raw form. McLaren, a documentary which follows the life of Kiwi ex-pat Bruce...

McLaren movie bound for Sydney Film Festival

THE poignant film about legendary kiwi racer Bruce McLaren will feature at the upcoming Sydney Film Festival. Directed by Roger Donaldson, the film charts McLaren’s...

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V6 Camry set for return

THE eighth generation Toyota Camry is on its way. The first Camry not to be made here will launch in Australia in November of...

February launch for 308 GTi

WALK up to the calendar on the wall. Do it right now. Across December write the words '308 GTi' and stand back and admire...